Marc W. Rozek, Newton Falls, Ohio

“This book contains simple and easily understood concepts about our hairs and how varied and uniquely beautiful they are that we should appreciate them every day. This book is for all ages to grab and read every now and then.”

Kimberly Thompson, Killen, Alabama

“It’s a quick read but full of meaningful reminders that all of us are created wonderfully, that there is no such thing as good or bad hair. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who doubt their hair is anything but beautiful.”

Kathy R. Duffy, Tallahassee, Florida

“Brilliantly written. I give five stars to Lupita Samuels and five stars to the people who doesn’t care about how others think about their hair. The book lets us reflect more often about how our hair doesn’t affect the whole package.”

About the Book

Hairmythology guides us to reflect and appreciate hair in different textures. Author Lupita Samuels blends historical and scientific facts with fiction to present a new hair-grading system: Good Hair/No-Bad Hair. It’s a system that discourages good hair/bad hair standards and promotes all hair types. She provides evidence and examples of different hair types and how each type presents its own unique beauty.

Lupita Samuel’s Hairmythology is filled with pictures, activities, and questions to let the reader reflect and reevaluate their perception about their hair and those of others.

Lupita Samuels

About the Author

Lupita Samuels taught in public schools for over twenty years before retiring. She has also worked as an educator on Bible-based courses at the Spirit Life School in The Bronx, New York. Now a retired teacher, Lupita Samuels currently resides in New York City. Aside from Hairmythology, she has written and published the Color-Blind series which consist of four books that tackle colorism and discrimination, with human as the only one being affected by the color of the skin.


For centuries, our biological hat given to each one of us by our designer and Master Creator to decorate our heads has been a subject of great controversy. We seem universally programmed to believe that some biological hats are better than others, hence the “good hair/bad hair” myth continues.

While some people’s hair is admired, complimented and even coveted, other people’s hair is derided, devalued, and even despised. Some hair types are placed in the good hair category and are seen as nice and straight or curly and pretty. While other types are placed in the bad category and are seen as dry and kinky or picky and nappy.

The objective of this book is to invoke an attitude of acceptance, appreciation and respect for hair diversity in humans.

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